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ISS Hockey Top 31 Ranked Prospects for 2019 NHL Draft

RankNameDate of BirthTeamLeaguePositionShotHeightWeight
1Hughes, JackMay 14/2001USA U18NTDPCL5.10.25168
2Kakko, KaapoFeb 13/2001TPS TurkuFinERWL6.02.25194
3Podkolzin, VasilyJun 24/2001St. Petersburg SKAKHLLWL6.01190
4Byram, BowenJun 13/2001Vancouver GiantsWHLLDL6.00.5194
5Cozens, DylanFeb 9/2001Lethbridge HurricanesWHLCR6.03181
6Dach, KirbyJan 21/2001Saskatoon BladesWHLCR6.03.5199
7Boldy, MatthewApr 5/2001USA U18NTDPLWL6.00.75175
8Zegras, TrevorMar 20/2001USA U18NTDPCL5.10.75159
9Broberg, PhilipJun 25/2001AIK IFSweAlLDL6.02.75199
10Turcotte, AlexFeb 26/2001USA U18NTDPCL5.11189
11Robertson, MatthewMar 9/2001Edmonton Oil KingsWHLLDL6.03201
12Soderstrom, VictorFeb 26/2001Brynas IF Jr.SweJELDR5.11179
13York, CamJan 5/2001USA U18NTDPLDL5.10.75163
14Harley, ThomasAug 19/2001Mississauga SteelheadsOHLLDL6.03188
15Lavoie, RaphaelSep 25/2000Halifax MooseheadsQMJHLCR6.03.5191
16Caufield, ColeJan 2/2001USA U18NTDPRWR5.06150
17Krebs, PeytonJan 26/2001Kootenay IceWHLCL5.11.25180
18Newhook, AlexJan 28/2001Victoria GrizzliesBCHLCL5.10.5195
19Nikolayev, IlyaJun 26/2001Yaroslavl LokoMHLCL6190
20Leason, BrettApr 30/1999Prince Albert RaidersWHLRWR6.03.75200
21Tomasino, PhilipJul 28/2001Niagara IceDogsOHLCR5.11.75178
22Foote, NolanNov 29/2000Kelowna RocketsWHLLWL6.03.5190
23Suzuki, RyanMay 28/2001Barrie ColtsOHLCL6.00.25178
24Seider, MoritzApr 6/2001Mannheimer AdlerGerERDR6.03.5183
25Poulin, SamuelFeb 25/2001Sherbrooke PhoenixQMJHLLWL6.01.25206
26Brink, BobbyJul 8/2001Sioux City MusketeersUSHLRWR5.08.25159
27Kolyachonok, VladislavMay 26/2001Flint FirebirdsOHLLDL6.00.25176
28Pelletier, JakobMar 7/2001Moncton WildcatsQMJHLLWL5.09161
29McMichael, ConnorJan 15/2001London KnightsOHLCL5.10.75172
30McCarthy, CaseJan 9/2001USA U18NTDPRDR6.00.75193
31Kaliyev, ArthurJun 26/2001Hamilton BulldogsOHLLWL6.01.25190
1Knight, SpencerApr 19/2001USA U18NTDPGL6.02.5193
2Gauthier, TaylorFeb 15/2001Prince GeorgeWHLGR6.01193
Published February 6, 2019


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85 thoughts on “ISS Top 31

  1. says:

    Can you provide some insight into Maxime Comtois and why he is not producing this year? I saw him last year and was not impressed, albeit in limited viewing. I know production is not everything, but his output is way behind this year as a 17 year-old when you’d expect it to improve. What’s up?

    1. ISShockey says:

      Comtois despite his lack of production is still playing well, most nights he is the hardest working player and provides strong physical play and leadership.

      1. strongmanliam says:

        Strong physical play and leadership and less than a P/g in junior doesn’t equate to a first round pick. Unless he can prove he’s more skilled than the players around him I don’t him being anything more than Lesser version of lucic. Maybe if he was a centerman?

  2. fwiw88 says:

    April had Chabot at 19 and Zboril at 20 .. obviously considering them very close to each other in rank.

    May has Chabot at 16 and Zboril at 22. What changed?

  3. says:

    I agree with most of your rankings but i think that Harkins should be between 15&20.

  4. BorisBagel says:

    Alexis Vanier – Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)

    Surprised he’s not in your top 30, maybe he’ll be the ‘Sam Morin’ of the 2014 draft and climb from a rated 2-3 rounder early on to an eventual top 15 pick. Is skating the main concern with him?

    1. ISS Hockey says:

      Lack of mobility is our concern however at 6.05 he is still growing into his body and has decent upside.

  5. says:

    Hadyn Fleury will rise, smooth skater with a nice shot.

  6. Alex Hood says:

    Thoughts on Eduard Nasybullin? I caught a glimpse of him at the u-17s. Looks like he is off of everyone’s radar at this point. He really impressed me at points.

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