ISS Hockey Unveils ISS Internship Program

ISSIntern21ISS Hockey collaborates with sister company RinkNet to train the next generation of hockey scouts.

Recognizing the industry need to train the next generation of hockey scouts, sister companies ISS Hockey and RinkNet have collaborated to create the ISS Internship Program. For the first time, there is a clear career path toward entering the world of hockey scouting.

The ISS Internship Program includes a training program, as well as in-field scouting experiences. Interns will be teamed up with a mentor member of ISS Hockey’s worldwide scouting network, they will attend ISS events, participate in ISS conference calls, learn how to evaluate and analyze hockey player prospects to ISS standards, and use the RinkNet state-of-the-art scouting system.

“We want to provide qualified individuals an opportunity to enter the scouting world as a representative of ISS Hockey, the world’s leading independent hockey scouting organization”, says Stu Siegel, CEO of ISS Hockey and RinkNet. “The ISS Internship Program will enable those who aspire toward a career in hockey scouting to get real world practical experience.”

All individuals interested in the ISS Internship program will need to submit an application form. ISS does require a reasonable level of education and hockey experience to qualify.

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About ISS Hockey

ISS Hockey is the leading independent scouting and information provider on hockey prospects. Founded in 2002, ISS scouts, evaluates, analyzes and ranks players internationally on behalf of its many clients. All ISS products are widely utilized in the hockey world, building an industry leading reputation for the best and most comprehensive scouting information. The key to the success of ISS is the incredible worldwide network of ISS Hockey scouts. ISS scouts are within reach of every young hockey player in the world, and attend every major hockey tournament, in addition to thousands of league games. All players that we rank will have been seen and evaluated many times by several of ISS scouts.

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About RinkNet

RinkNet is hockey’s leader in player management and scouting technology systems. Founded in 1998, RinkNet includes access to daily updated rosters, schedules and player information for all leagues and teams that are covered by our clients, which include: 29 NHL teams, Canadian Hockey League (WHL, OHL and QMJHL), USHL, 40 NCAA schools, Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, as well as various Player Agencies, European Elite clubs and Junior leagues and teams. Rank, analyze and obtain information from over 250,000 players in the RinkNet system. Draft Software, Central Registry Features and a league Trade Center are additional aspects of our system.

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