ISS Top 31


ISS Hockey Top 31 Ranked Prospect for 2018 NHL Draft

RankPlayer NamePosDOBShotHeightWeightTeamLeague
1Dahlin, RasmusLD4/13/2000L6.02181Vastra Frolunda HCSweE
2Svechnikov, AndreiRW3/26/2000L6.02*186BarrieOHL
3Veleno, JosephC1/13/2000L6.01*195Saint JohnQMJHL
4Tkachuk, BradyC9/16/1999L6.03.25*196Boston UniversityH.E
5Zadina, FilipRW11/27/1999L6.00*196HalifaxQMJHL
6McLeod, RyanC9/21/1999L6.02*200MississaugaOHL
7Hughes, QuinnLD10/14/1999L5.09.5*170University of MichiganBig Ten
8Boqvist, AdamLD8/15/2000R5.11170Brynas IF JrSweJE
9Kupari, RasmusC3/15/2000R6.01.25183Karpat OuluFinE
10Smith, TyLD3/24/2000L5.10.25*176SpokaneWHL
11Wahlstrom, OliverC6/13/2000R6.00.75*205USA U18NTDP
12Wilde, BodeRD1/24/2000R6.02.25*195USA U18NTDP
13Thomas, AkilC1/2/2000R5.11*169NiagaraOHL
14McIsaac, JaredLD3/27/2000L6.01*195HalifaxQMJHL
15Bouchard, EvanRD10/20/1999R6.01.75*193LondonOHL
16Sutter, RileyRW10/25/1999R6.03*205EverettWHL
17Denisenko, GrigoriLW6/24/2000R5.11163Yaroslavl LokoRusJr
18Farabee, JoelLW2/25/2000L5.11.5*164USA U18NTDP
19Groulx, Benoit-OlivierLW2/6/2000L6.00.75*192HalifaxQMJHL
20Lundestrom, IsacC11/6/1999L6.00.5185Lulea HFSweE
21Alexeyev, AlexanderRD11/15/1999R6.03*200Red DeerWHL
22Nizhnikov, KirillRW3/29/2000L6.02*190BarrieOHL
23Woo, JettRD7/27/2000R5.11.75*205Moose JawWHL
24Hayton, BarrettC6/9/2000L6.00.75*191Sault Ste. MarieOHL
25Ginning, AdamRD1/13/2000L6.03196Linkoping HCSweE
26McBain, JackLW1/6/2000L6.03194TorontoOJHL
27Olofsson, JacobC2/8/2000L6.02192Timra IKSweAl
28Lalonde, OwenRD2/1/2000R6.00.5*178GuelphOHL
29Merkley, RyanRD8/14/2000R5.11.25*170GuelphOHL
30MacDonald, AndersonLW5/16/2000L6.01.75*205MonctonQMJHL
31Tychonick, JonathanLD3/3/2000L5.11.25166PentictonBCHL
1Rodrigue, OlivierG7/6/2000L6.00.25*159DrummondvilleQMJHL
2Gravel, AlexisG3/21/2000R6.02.5*226HalifaxQMJHL
Published October 4, 2017


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85 thoughts on “ISS Top 31

  1. says:

    Can you provide some insight into Maxime Comtois and why he is not producing this year? I saw him last year and was not impressed, albeit in limited viewing. I know production is not everything, but his output is way behind this year as a 17 year-old when you’d expect it to improve. What’s up?

    1. ISShockey says:

      Comtois despite his lack of production is still playing well, most nights he is the hardest working player and provides strong physical play and leadership.

      1. strongmanliam says:

        Strong physical play and leadership and less than a P/g in junior doesn’t equate to a first round pick. Unless he can prove he’s more skilled than the players around him I don’t him being anything more than Lesser version of lucic. Maybe if he was a centerman?

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