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ISS Hockey Top 31 Ranked Prospects For 2017 NHL Draft

1Patrick, NolanC9/19/98R6.02.75198BrandonWHL
2Hischier, NicoC1/4/99L6.00.75176HalifaxQMJHL
3Vilardi, GabeC8/16/99R6.03201WindsorOHL
4Tippett, OwenRW2/16/99R6.01.5202MississaugaOHL
5Heiskanen, MiroD7/18/99L6.00174HIFK HelsinkiFinE
6Glass, CodyC4/1/99R6.01.75180PortlandWHL
7Mittelstadt, CaseyC11/22/98L6.00.75201Green BayUSHL
8Liljegren, TimothyD4/30/99R6.00191RogleSweE
9Rasmussen, MichaelC4/17/99L6.05.75215Tri-CityWHL
10Makar, CaleD10/30/98R5.11.25179BrooksAJHL
11Suzuki, NickC8/10/99R5.10.75187Owen SoundOHL
12Foote, CallanD12/13/98R6.03.5213KelownaWHL
13Necas, MartinRW1/15/99R6.00.5167Brno Kometa HCCzeE
14Valimaki, JuusoLD10/6/98L6.01.5204Tri-CityWHL
15Poehling, RyanC1/3/99L6.01.75183St. Cloud StateNCHC
16Kostin, KlimC5/5/99L6.03196DynamoKHL
17Tolvanen, EeliLW4/22/99L5.11.25170Sioux CityUSHL
18Hague, NicolasD12/5/98L6.05.5206MississaugaOHL
19Vesalainen, KristianLW6/1/99L6.03.25207V. FrolundaSweE
20Pettersson, EliasC11/12/98L6.01.25156TimraSweAl
21Thomas, RobertC7/2/99R5.11.5185LondonOHL
22Ratcliffe, IsaacLW2/15/99L6.05.5196GuelphOHL
23Norris, JoshuaC5/5/99L6.01.25192USA U18NTDP
24Lind, KoleC10/16/98R6.01176KelownaWHL
25Andersson, LiasLW10/13/98L5.11.5198HV71SweE
26Yamamoto, KailerRW9/29/98R5.07.5153SpokaneWHL
27Bowers, ShaneC7/30/99L6.01.25178WaterlooUSHL
28Timmins, ConorD9/18/98R6.01.25185Sault Ste. MarieOHL
29Jokiharju, HenriD6/17/99R5.11.75176PortlandWHL
30Comtois, MaximeLW1/8/99L6.02.25199VictoriavilleQMJHL
31Anderson-Dolan, JaretC9/12/99L5.11188SpokaneWHL
1Luukkonen, Ukko-PekkaG3/9/99L6.04.5196HPK HameenlinnaFinJrA
2Oettinger, JakeG12/18/98L6.04203Boston UniversityH.E.
Published 05/03/2017


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85 thoughts on “ISS Top 31

  1. [email protected] says:

    Can you provide some insight into Maxime Comtois and why he is not producing this year? I saw him last year and was not impressed, albeit in limited viewing. I know production is not everything, but his output is way behind this year as a 17 year-old when you’d expect it to improve. What’s up?

    1. ISShockey says:

      Comtois despite his lack of production is still playing well, most nights he is the hardest working player and provides strong physical play and leadership.

      1. strongmanliam says:

        Strong physical play and leadership and less than a P/g in junior doesn’t equate to a first round pick. Unless he can prove he’s more skilled than the players around him I don’t him being anything more than Lesser version of lucic. Maybe if he was a centerman?

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