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ISS Hockey Top 30 Ranked Prospects For 2015 NHL Draft

1McDavid, ConnorC1/13/97L6.00.75195ErieOHL
2Eichel, JackC10/28/96R6.02196Boston UniversityH.E.
3Strome, DylanC3/7/97L6.03185ErieOHL
4Hanifin, NoahLD1/25/97L6.02.75203Boston CollegeH.E.
5Crouse, LawsonLW6/23/97L6.04215KingstonOHL
6Marner, MitchellC5/5/97R5.11160LondonOHL
7Rantanen, MikkoRW10/29/96L6.03.5211TPS TurkuFinE
8Barzal, MathewC5/26/97R5.11.25175SeattleWHL
9Provorov, IvanLD1/13/97L6.00.5201BrandonWHL
10Zacha, PavelC4/6/97L6.03210SarniaOHL
11Werenski, ZachRD7/19/97L6.02206MichiganBigTen
12Konecny, TravisC3/11/97R5.09.75175OttawaOHL
13Connor, KyleC12/9/96L6.01177YoungstownUSHL
14Bittner, PaulLW11/4/96L6.04204PortlandWHL
15Meier, TimoRW10/8/96L6.01209HalifaxQMJHL
16Svechnikov, EvgenyRW10/31/96L6.01.75199Cape BretonQMJHL
17Greenway, JordanLW2/16/97L6.04.75222USA Under-18 NTDPUSHL
18Merkley, NickC5/23/97R5.10.5191KelownaWHL
19Chabot, ThomasD1/30/97L6.01.5180Saint JohnQMJHL
20Zboril, JakubLD2/21/97L6.00.75184Saint JohnQMJHL
21Carlo, BrandonRD11/26/96R6.05196Tri-CityWHL
22Ek Eriksson, JoelC1/29/97L6.01.75180FarjestadSweJE
23White, ColinRW1/30/97R6.00183USA Under-18 NTDPUSHL
24Kylington, OliverRD5/19/97L6.00180FarjestadSweE
25Harkins, JansenC/LW5/23/97L6.01.25182Prince GeorgeWHL
26Larsson, JacobLD4/29/97L6.02191FrolundaSweJE
27Bracco, JeremyRW3/17/97R5.09.25173USA Under-18 NTDPUSHL
28Senyshyn, ZacharyRW3/30/97R6.01192S.S. MarieOHL
29Roy, JeremyRD5/14/97R6.00188SherbrookeQMJHL
30Carlsson, GabrielLD1/2/97L6.04183LinkopingSweJE
Published April 01 2015


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  1. […] ISS Hockey would have Noah Hanifin in the fourth spot but as we know even April rankings do not always dictate where a player will go. The first and second picks are cemented in but from three onward, the landscape changes. […]

  2. […] and Mitch Marner. Two months ago it looked like Hanifin had the third spot on lock, but the ISS recently released their updated player rankings and the defenseman had slipped to […]

  3. […] prospect group is lacking is size. The selection of Lawson Crouse immediately address that concern. The International Scouting Service has Crouse 3rd in their latest top-30 rankings, and that’s where I have decided to slot him. […]

  4. says:

    I agree with most of your rankings but i think that Harkins should be between 15&20.

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